Of Ash and Embers

All her life, Tessa has lived in the cruel shadow of the wicked fae on the hill. And when she tried to fight back, she failed.

Now she is trapped in the dungeons beneath Albyria. Cursed to wed King Oberon, she’ll be bound to her enemy’s side for eternity if she does not escape.

But someone far more dangerous haunts her dreams. The Mist King. He wants answers, but so does she.

And when the deadly mists begin creeping into the Kingdom of Light, it seems the impossible has happened. Oberon’s protective barrier has cracked.

That can only mean one thing. The Mist King is coming.

The question is, is he coming to save her or to get his revenge?

Of Ash and Embers is the second book in The Mist King series, a captivating and sizzling enemies-to-lovers dark fantasy romance.


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