Dead Fae Walking

As a new investigator and guard of the Crimson Court, I've got a lot to prove. Like, I need to show that my mind-reading powers are actually useful.

So, when Balor, my alluring fae prince, wants to team up on a case, I jump at the chance. Only problem is, he's still digging into my past. If he finds out the truth, he'll banish me into the darkness. And away from his side.

Worse, a sorcerer is transforming humans into bloodthirsty members of the walking dead. The culprit is hell-bent on destroying London, no matter what the cost. If we don't stop him--and fast--the dead will kill us all.

If Balor doesn't discover the truth about me first.


Jenna Wolfhart

Fantasy Author

Jenna Wolfhart is a Buffy-wannabe who lives vicariously through the kick-ass heroines in urban fantasy. After completing a PhD in Librarianship, she became a full-time author and now spends her days typing the fantastical stories in her head. When she's not writing, she loves to stargaze, binge Netflix, and drink copious amounts of coffee.

Born and raised in America, Jenna now lives in England with her husband, her dog, and her mischief of rats.