Sinful Touch

Down-on-my-luck and way behind on rent, I jump at the chance for a promotion at the newspaper. Unfortunately, my boss gives me an impossible assignment to prove my worth: get close to the elusive and mysterious billionaire bachelor, Caim Stone. Find out his dark secrets. Write a tell-all story about him.

Turns out, Caim is nothing like I expected. He’s scorching hot, charming as hell, and more caring than he'd like everyone to think. If he was the monster I expected, writing the story would easy…but my real problem is keeping my hands to myself.

Until I find out the truth.

My boss was right. Caim is not what he seems. He's one of the most powerful demons in the world. And if I don't make the right choice, Hell will take me.


The Paranormal PI Files Boxed Set

I'm a fae without a court, but that suits me just fine. Kind of. For years, I’ve hidden in my shabby East London flat, working as a private investigator for romantically-scorned supernaturals. The pay? Total rubbish. I’m broke as hell and almost homeless. But I’m stuck in this life. If anyone discovered my dark past, I’d end up dead.

But when a serial killer starts picking off London's fae, it seems fate has other plans for me. Balor, a dangerous and sinfully enticing fae prince, wants me to help him hunt down the killer. Apparently, my mind-reading abilities would be an asset. Now, I'm being whisked away into a court of wealth and magic.

Problem is, I can't read his mind, and I'm not sure I trust him. Worse, he knows I'm keeping a secret of my own, and he's determined to figure it out. Despite his allure, I start to wonder if he's behind the crimes. If he is, I'll never make it out of his Court alive.

The Paranormal PI Files Boxed Set includes the first four books in the series: Live Fae or Die Trying, Dead Fae Walking, Bad Fae Rising, and One Fae in the Grave.