Of Mist and Shadow

When the vicious fae king catches Tessa stealing his powerful gemstones, he demands a cruel punishment. She must leave her family and friends behind and become his future human bride.

Tessa has never stepped foot inside the glittering fae city until now—no mortal is allowed. There, things are far more monstrous than she ever dreamed. King Oberon humiliates her, terrorizes her, and threatens those she loves.

But when she escapes, someone far worse finds her. The lethal Mist King, the enemy fae who trapped her people beneath the reign of King Oberon in the first place. The one who destroyed human cities and watched them burn.

He takes her captive and then offers her a deal.

Become the first mortal to kill a fae king, and he will free her people.

But the mists beyond the kingdom walls are dangerous, ruthless, and mesmerizing…and so is he. As Tessa fights her growing desire, she must make a choice.

Her dagger can kill only one fae. Which king will it be?

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The last place I expected to meet my fated mate was in an alley. On the run from angry supernaturals and drenched in at least a tidal wave’s worth of rain, I fall—literally—into his arms.

Only problem is, he’s Silas Thorn, an infamous vampire assassin who’s killed more people than I can count. If there was an entry for “Bad News” in the dictionary, a picture of his disturbingly attractive face, with his strong jawline and piercing eyes, would be included.

Even worse, those supernaturals who were chasing me have caught my father. They believe he killed one of their own, and they’re out for blood. Working with Silas might be the only way to clear his name before it’s too late.

But as I’m drawn into the darkness of his world, the pull of our fated bond is almost impossible to ignore. And if I’m not careful, he will ruin me.

**Ruin Me is a steamy standalone paranormal romance set in the Immortal Vices and Virtues Universe. Every book is a guaranteed happily ever after with a satisfying ending and no cliffhangers.

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