Dark Fae Academy

Captured by the Dark Fae, Bree must escape at all costs. If her heart will let her...

A Cage of Moonlight is the first book in a new fantasy series full of magic, danger, and romance.

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There are three important things you should know about me.

First, I’m a shapeshifter. Second, I’ve got claws, and I know how to use them. And third, I’d do anything to save the ones I love.

Which is how I’ve ended up as a slave for the Dark Fae, forced to train at their academy and become a deadly assassin that will fight for their cause. But all I want to do is fight my captors instead.

And the worst part of it all? The four infuriating, dangerous, and incredibly seductive fae who have taken it upon themselves to make my life a living hell.

They want to rile me up. They want to see me fail.

But I’m no damsel in distress.

Let the games begin.

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